31 Day Challenge Day 10: Gradient – Pastels

31 Day Challenge Day 10: Gradient – Pastels

I think this manicure may be a large part of the reason why I bought the Model Own Fruit Pastel collection. They just look so lovely when they’re all blended together like this. I’ve done a few gradients before but this one was much trickier because it takes so many layers to get the pastel colours to show up! And don’t get me started on how difficult they were to photograph… But they look so beautiful that it was all worth it. If only I didn’t have to take it off this evening to get started on Day 11… *sob*

31DC2013 Day 10 both

Base: Sinful Colours Snow Me White
All other colours Models Own:
Strawberry Tart
Banana Split
Apple Pie
Blueberry Muffin
Grape Juice
Glitter: Snowflakes

Matt Top Coat: Bourjois SO Matt

31DC2013 Day 10 right 31DC2013 Day 10 left

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  1. We’re such a weird community, nail bloggers. Most people try to make manicure last ages to change it as rarely as possible. We HAVE to take off a perfectly pretty mani to make way for another… ; )


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