31 Day Challenge Day 19: Galaxies

31 Day Challenge Day 19: Galaxies

I’ve never done galaxy nails before. It took me a bit of experimenting on a piece of foil to find a combination that would work but I wanted to do something classic. I love the new Models Own Velvet Goth polishes – particularly Valerian! It’s such a beautiful blue. The purple shade – Amethyst also looks lovely in this combo. Sadly I lost the matte finish by adding a top coat, so I will definitely have to swatch them at some point when this challenge is over in order to show it off! My other new favourite polish is No 7 In The Stars – it’s a really soft glittery top coat that just adds an extra zing to everything! I don’t usually look at No 7 but Boots are giving away £3 vouchers with everything so I thought I’d have a gander – really glad I did. In The Stars is lovely.


I look forward to trying out other colours!

Base: Models Own Valerian
White Accent: Sinful Colours Snow Me White
Other colours:
Models Own Amethyst
Barry M Emerald Green
Models Own Banana Split
Top Coat: No 7 In The Stars



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  1. these are lovely, i especially love the white detailing for the stars!
    I’ve followed your blog, and I would love it if you could check it out and maybe follow me back!

    Sarah 🙂


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