31 Day Challenge Day 20: Water Marble

31 Day Challenge Day 20: Water Marble

Water marble gets a lot of bad press. When I was looking for tutorials and inspiration I found a lot of people who hate water marbling. I’d never tried it before so I was nervous. I watched a bunch of videos, got my room temperature cup of water, lined up my new Sinful Colors polishes… and totally failed. I tried it about 7 or 8 times and all I got was a mess and a load of bubbles.

So once I’d collected myself I watched the videos again for details I may have missed and then I gave it another go. And I got this:


I’d only intended to do a couple of nails because I know it can be time consuming and frustrating and all that, but I really enjoyed myself. So much that I did all 10 nails, and when I wasn’t quite happy with my clean up I nearly took it all off and did it again. All that I’d been doing wrong was that I wasn’t putting my nail flat onto the water to pick up the design – I’d been going in at an angle. Water marbling it turns out is quite simple as long as you pay attention to the details! I look forward to doing loads more of this in the future.

I did a base coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and my marbling polishes were Sinful Colors Black on Black and Exotic Green. I gathered from another post that I read the Sinful Colors marble well and I know that what polish you use can be quite important! I wanted to marble with Snow Me White too, but it didn’t spread well so I eventually left it out – it’s a few months old so I guess that may be why.



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