31 Day Challenge Day 21: Inspired By A Color – Purple Rain

31 Day Challenge Day 21: Inspired By A Color – Purple Rain

I was in Tesco earlier in the week and couldn’t help looking at the make up section. I picked up three polishes at 29p each. They’re Tesco own brand All About Nails and I’ve never used them or heard of them before but come on – polish for £0.29. I’d be mad not to. One of them has the catchy name of Purple Rain, which is a lovely deep glossy deep purple shade. I could have used it for my Inspired By A Song but I already have that one lined up so I thought I’d do it for this instead. I took some liberties with my inspiration but hopefully you can see how I’ve interpreted the rain bit, right?


Over my base coat I did a gradient of George Cloudless Sky (ironic!) and Sinful Colors Snow Me White – the intention had been to have white clouds but I forgot that I’d be turning my nails upside down when I took the photo so I guess that effect is kind of lost. I didn’t fancy freehanding on rain drops so I tried another new method to me – spun sugar. I used this fab tutorial from Nailasaurus and amused myself with the very end of Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while I waited for my puddles of Purple Rain to go stringy and then I layered it on. As you can see I did better on some than on others!

In the cold light of morning I see that my clean up was not as good as I’d though – spun sugar is really messy! By the time I got to nails 9 and 10 I’d worked out that if you put a bit of tape on the side of your nails when you start dabbing the sticky polish on then you can remove all the excess much easier!

I really like this effect!



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  1. 29p?! And how does it apply?
    I love the spun sugar!!!


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