Wishlist Wednesday: Barry M Classic Matte Collection

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Wishlist Wednesday: Barry M Classic Matte Collection

The observant among you will have noticed that at the time this post goes to press I am still 4 days short of finishing the 31 Day Challenge 2013. I am still working my way through those but I’m starting to branch out my interests a bit. This post is the first in my Wishlist Wednesday series – a post where I can share what pretties I’m currently lusting after!

Barry M was one of the first make up brands I ever really loved – several years ago when it wasn’t cool to be emo, they were the only brand I could get black and purple lipstick and brightly coloured eyeshadows from. Now I’m pining for a different set of their products – the new Classic Matte Nail Paint range.

There are five nail paints in the Classic Matte collection: Caramel, Vanilla, Mocha, Crush and Espresso. nuthin but a nail thing swatched all five on her blog when they came out last week and I want them all!



Also check out One Nail To Rule Them All swatches – she won the Cosmo Blog Award for Best New Beauty Blog last week! If you still want to see more, look at etc Lily Melrose and Brit Nails.

They look like they’ll be great for classy and elegant nail art! I found a couple of examples knocking about, from Nailasaurus and Polly Polish:



EDIT: Since this post was published, @JadeAnnNails, @platform_nails and @lorraine8low have showed me some of their Matte nails on Twitter. Click on the images to be taken to their profiles.

BWJjty7IEAAgnQP.jpg large


BWJkl-eIEAAx-x3.jpg large

Alas, I spent way too much on polish last month so I’m going to wait until they’re on special offer and get them then.

I think if I can only have one of these I would choose Espresso. Which one is your favourite?

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  1. I think all 5 of these look really classy! I’ve not let myself buy the full set as I can mattify any of my current polishes with my matte topcoat! I have Mocha (the brown) but not sure of the colour. If money was no object I’d also get Vanilla and Caramel – I love the paler shades! Xx

    • I know what you mean about the matte top coat – I’m so dependent on seche vite to speed up drying that the matte effect probably won’t feature much in my manicures… I do love espresso though – there’s something about the black that is very coffee-like and different to a typical black!

  2. Probably the red or the grey one! I’ve got some of their limited editions on my wishlist 😉
    I agree these polishes are nice and worth buying (because I don’t think Barry M does some of those shades in the normal collection) but get in a mattifying top coa, it’s like a dream come true; any of your fave nail varnishes in matte x

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