October Gig Nails, Prairie Charms Hair Slide and Little Mix Nail Wraps

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October Gig Nails, Prairie Charms Hair Slide and Little Mix Nail Wraps

This post is quite picture heavy! If you’ve peeked at my very brief bio on the About Me page then you’ll know that I’m in a band called Pitchbend. We play covers of a great variety of music from ZZ Top to Lady GaGa, all with generally a soul and blues feel. I love dressing up for gigs – I particularly love my very high platform heels! I bought a new pair from New Look recently but I wasn’t brave enough to perform in them at my gig at the weekend. I need more practice in them!

This was my first foray into wearing false nails. I love the idea of false nails – no clean up on your nails, instant length, no sitting around waiting hours for them to dry. Wearing them on the other hand, turns out to be quite difficult. These are “European Short Nails” from eBay, and if you’ve got little nails like me, then they are *not* short. (More after the jump!)


I was itching to get them off before the evening was over! But the effect was pretty awesome. I was going for a red/black goth feel. I don’t have a great picture of my whole outfit for the evening, but my partner did get this snap:

2013-10-12 00.48.35 gig

How beautiful is this black star hair clip? I’ve been meaning to blog about it for ages – I was offered the chance to buy some items from Prairie Charms as part of their Project Blogger aaaages ago, and I chose two star hair slides and a bow. I’m pretty much always wearing one of the two stars – I’ve got black and purple. They’re glittery and stylish and add instant cool to anything I’m wearing. Prairie Charms were even lovely enough to find me a deep purple because I wasn’t keen on their lighter shades. I have to confess – I *had* to buy Models Own Velvet Goth colours to match. More swatches of those later. More nails!




The gorgeous deep red base colour is Next Leather Effect in Claret Couture (total bargain at £3). It dries to a great matte finish and the leather effect is brilliant – slightly bumpy and very effective. I added accents of Models Own in Obsidian and Sardonyx, some silver studs from Roo Beauty, and a couple of nail wraps from Little Mix Perrie. The little finger just above is from that pack, and this black thumb nail with the cross motif is so cool! (Crosses tend to feature in my gig get up.)


I struggled a bit with application – it wasn’t *quite* large enough to cover a false thumbnail – and I’m using size 2, which is nothing like the largest size on the strip. So you might find they don’t quite fit if you’ve got large thumbnails. They also didn’t sit very nicely on the curvature of the nail – I couldn’t iron out all the creases, which you can just about see in the above picture. But really, once you’re wearing them it’s not so noticeable. I love the designs on the Little Mix nails and I’ve been itching for a chance to use them – I was lucky enough to find them reduced to £1.50 a pack in my local Boots. Typically they’re £6 which just sounds like a lot for 20 stickers!

Here are a few more pictures:



What do you think? What do you like to wear when you’re dressing up?

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