Try This: David Bowie

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Try This: David Bowie

I like looking for inspiration for nails in different places – The 31 Day Challenge taught me that almost anything can be turned into a nail art design if you think about it! I see patterns everywhere – wallpaper, clothing, magazines… food packaging. Occasionally I see something and think “I want to share that idea!”

So try this: David Bowie for inspiration. David Bowie is a British musician who has been around for decades. His most recent album – his first in 10 years – has been nominated for the coveted Mercury Music Prize. What drew me to him today is that he has just been voted the Best Dressed Brit in History by BBC History Magazine and wow, I think he deserves it! Check out some of these images that feature designs that could make awesome nails (pretty much all of these picture are copyright of the David Bowie Archive:

Album Cover for Aladdin Sane, 1973

From the Album cover shoot for Aladdin Sane

More after the jump!

Designed by Kansai Yamamoto forthe Aladdin Sane Tour

Designed by Kansai Yamamoto for the Aladdin Sane Tour


From the Ziggy Stardust Tour


Kanji characters from the Ziggy Stardust Tour

From the Ziggy Stardust Tour

From the Ziggy Stardust Tour


Fishnets and glitter for Ziggy Stardust


Knitted bodysuit designed by Kansai Yamamoto

Suit by Freddie Burreti, for Ziggy Stardust

Suit by Freddie Burretti

One for the Brits! A Union Jack Coat designed by Alexander McQueen for the Earthling tour

One for the Brits! A Union Jack Coat designed by Alexander McQueen for the Earthling tour

As Jareth in the (awesome) movie Labyrinth

As Jareth in the (awesome) movie Labyrinth

There are so many cool ideas in here – accent nails, spots, stripes, tribal print, chevrons and really unique and eye-catching colour combinations. How would you try and represent the ruffles in that Labyrinth costume?

I hope to have a go at some designs inspired by this images at the weekend. If you try any of these ideas please let me know! Where do you usually find your inspiration?

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  1. I love Bowie, to me, he was a true trendsetter and original, and that’s very hard to do. Most artists and people really just recycle ideas, more or less successfully. I always felt like he was actually capable of inventing them
    It’s funny. Everybody’s crazy about tribal print right now (I love seeing manis with it on blogs, so cute!) but he wore it so many years ago ; ))
    Lately, what’s really been inspiring me are fabrics (patterns on them) which is super new and weird for me, but awesome.
    Great post!!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I do like that fashions never truly go away, they come back again. (Although shoulder pads – not cool.) I’m glad you like this post – I wasn’t sure if it was the kind of thing that would interest people! I’ll have to check out your designs. 🙂

  2. Hehe, I so know what you mean about shoulder pads *cringe* ; )
    DEFINITELY an interesting post, next time you feel like writing a similar, don’t hesitate : )


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