British Nail Bloggers Do BCAM: Day 1

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British Nail Bloggers Do BCAM: Day 1

Recently I’ve joined up to the British Nail Bloggers facebook group and a bunch of us decided that this week we’ll post pink manicures to promote Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer – around 50,000 women and 400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. With our modern technology we’re surrounded by the tools to fix this – but you’ve gotta get to the doctor first! I had a scare last year where I thought I found a lump in my breast. It turns out that as you age your breasts naturally start to get a bit lumpy and that’s particularly true at certain times of the month. Getting mine checked was absolutely the right thing to do – now I know my breasts better. The moral of this story is make sure you know your breasts, so that if something does act up you’ll spot it!

Now for today’s nails:

DSC_1836_editI don’t own a lot of pink polishes so I’m having to get creative. I used a whole bunch of stuff for this manicure, including:

Sinful Colors Snow Me White
17 Unnamed Silver
Models Own Strawberry Tart
OPI Silver Shatter
Models Own Northern Lights
Glitter hearts and pink caviar (on thumbnail) from Roo Beauty
Heart gem by Cheeky

I’m still getting the hang of striping tape – I got the idea to use it on the tip from a tutorial by Brit Nails last week!

I’m also determined to find new uses for nail caviar, which I own a lot of – check this out!


I’ll be back tomorrow with another manicures and some more cheery stats about breast cancer but in the meantime, check out what the other British Bloggers are up to today:

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Supporters

Pish Posh and Polish
Pish Posh and Polish
Nail Parade!
Nail Parade
No More Nail Polish Mum!
No More Nail Polish Mum!
Monkey Nails
Monkey Nails
Emma’s Little Corner
Emma's Little Corner
The Pink PrincessZ
The Pink PrincessZ
Life in Lacquer
Life in Lacquer
Neon Sparkly Nails
Neon Sparkly Nails

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  1. I did a mani for Breat Cancer Awareness Month too, I love this cause, as you said – if detected early, it’s so much easier to cure.
    This mani is cute, I don’t do pinks normally, but these are so soft and pretty, I like it on you, and I HATE nail caviar, and you found a really clever way to incorporate it WITHOUT making it look like caviar, love it!

    • This is a much better way of raising awareness than those daft facebook games!

      Yeah – still trying to work out what to do with this ton of caviar – any ideas? (I’m quite pleased with what I’ll post later in the week.. ;))

      • Exactly, mine raised actual real life awareness, which both shocked and pleased me, and after all, this is all about knowledge and awareness : )
        Haha, it dunno, I keep thinking of non-nail uses like decorating potted plants, which is silly, but that’s because my mind keeps steering these ideas away from manicures, I really dislike it : P
        But this thumb, awesome, I’d LOVE to see more of it, in different colours!

  2. This mani is awesome, especially for the good cause, I might have to get Northern Lights it looks gorgeous!


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