Guest Post: Racho’s Nail Love

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Guest Post: Racho’s Nail Love

I’m guest posting over at Racho’s Nail Love today!

guest post

Rachael is one of our fabulous British Nail Bloggers and asked for a few guest posts while she is on holiday this week. I jumped at the chance! (Anything for a fellow Rachel.) This is my first guest post and in true fashion, it seems to have gone somewhat awry.

Unfortunately, none of the pictures seem to have loaded. So just to tide you over, here are a few. But you can still read what I have to say about why The Path Of The Nail Artist Never Runs Smooth and see what polishes I used over at Racho’s Nail Love! (Hint: Includes my first Indie purchase!)

Monkey Nails Img 1

Monkey Nails Img 2

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