Tara’s Talons Competition Nails

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Tara’s Talons Competition Nails

It was touch and go if I’d make this one. Tara’s Talons launched a competition midway through October to celebrate 500 sales on Etsy. That’s flipping good going! I didn’t own any polishes by Tara’s Talons so I wasn’t going to enter, but then she had a sale and I was overcome – I bought 4 lucky dip polishes for a mere £10. My first indie polishes!

My four colours are Reef, Champagne, Ice Lolly and Community. You can check out Reef in my guest post for Racho’s Nail Love last week. I wanted to do something different from the competition, and I’ve been dying to do more striping, so….


I started with two coats of Champagne, a gorgeous gold colour with a smattering of glitter in it. I taped off some triangles and applied Ice Lolly to the rest of the nail. Ice Lolly is already my new go-to red – it’s a one coat polish and it’s so vibrant and bright! Lastly, I added some gems for a little extra zing. I’m loving these slightly holographic black studs that came with the nail pens I recently bought in Primark.

At five to midnight on October 31st, just five minutes before the deadline for the competition, I submitted my image to Tara’s Talons. Phew! The next bit is up to you. Vote for me to win!



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