Pastel Galaxy Nails

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Pastel Galaxy Nails

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So many ideas, so little time!

Since I tried galaxy nails for the 31 Day Challenge I’ve been thinking about potential colour combinations, and uses for the mountains of glitter I seem to have at my disposal. Pastel galaxy manicures are not new – just this week I saw a really cool one by My Mint Nails. So here’s my take:


My pastel polishes are all from the Fruit Pastel collection by Models Own, which I love and have gone on about before. I dabbed on a bit of Grape Juice, and a bit of Blueberry Muffin, and then I started getting excitable with my Roo Beauty Glitter, and added stripes across my nails. This colour is Apple Sparkle.

After that I added about three coats of No 7 In The Stars, my holo top coat. This still wasn’t glittery enough so I applied some Models Own Jack Frost. Then I figured I’d better stop because it was getting hard to see the colours underneath! So I added my stars in Sinful Colors Snow Me White.




What do you think? How do you get your pastel galaxy nails to stand out?

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  1. Sooo pretty! I love how it’s reasonably simple to do this, but the result is so stunning. Love how glittery yours are ❤ x x


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