Try This: Nail Art Wheel Inspired by November Glamour Magazine

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Try This: Nail Art Wheel Inspired by November Glamour Magazine

Have you voted for me in Tara’s Talons Competition yet? Voting ends tomorrow, I need all the help I can get!

This will be one picture heavy post. I’ve got so many awesome shots that I want to share them all with you!

When I was a kid I loved scrapbooking. I used to cut out pictures from any magazine I could get my hands on – my brother and I used to argue over images from the Radio Times. Nowadays I don’t get so much time to scrapbook, but the November issue of Glamour Magazine had so many beautiful patterns and designs in it that I couldn’t help going through it and cutting out the ones I thought would make good nail art. And then I did this:


There are so many cool ideas here! I was pushed to limit myself to just 18 – I cut out twice as many pictures as that!

I didn’t just look at the articles either – there are a few advert pages here, you’ll notice. I won’t list all of the polishes I used – I used most of my collection. If there are any you particularly like then leave me a comment and I’ll tell you what it is!

Designs 1-3 (Click on the picture to see the larger image.)


This gorgeous dress worn by Diane Kruger is totally my favourite design of this whole set. There are so many ways you could turn that into a whole manicure – I may have to try it! Design 3 I mixed my own polish for, so that I could get the colours just right.

Designs 4-5


Simple but cool – the grungy trend is well in this season so you could do worse than take inspiration from your boots! If I had any silver nail caviar then it would definitely have made it onto these nails.

Designs 6-9


This heart blouse is so cute! I used a textured polish to get the slightly leathery effect of the skirt. The perfume bottles are Marc Jacobs  – I like the contrast between the classy gold and black stripes and the funky yellow and white spots. Unfortunately I tried to use my OPI gold shatter polish as the base for my gold stripes and it peeled right off when I used striping tape over it. 😦 Luckily there’s a free gold nails inc polish with December’s Glamour Magazine so that won’t be an issue again!

Design 10


This Swarovski Crystal pendant sits beautifully in the middle of the blue mosaic. I wasn’t sure whether or not to add it as I think the background design is a great design on its own, but the little gems really pop over the blue base. What do you think?

Design 11


This black and white jumper that Taylor Swift is wearing is really cool, but I wanted to incorporate the bright orange of the cover text. Splatter, anyone?

Designs 11-13


There are so many animal print manicures out there that I jumped at the chance to do something a bit different! I love how number 12 blends in with the image, but this next one is even better…

Designs 14-17


Can you spot number 14? It’s in there. I almost want to buy this bag just so that I can have nails that disappear when I clutch it. I’ll definitely be a bit more inventive with my leopard manis in future, there are so many different things you can do! What do you think of the black triangle accent on number 16?

Design 18


I had to include this because I love Jenna Coleman. ^_^ I tried to mark out the ruffle using my special ruffle scissors but it was a bit big, so I freehanded it.

Here are all the designs in better resolution – click on the image to see the full size!


Do you think any of these could be a whole manicure? What designs to you like most? I’m looking forward to doing this exercise again with the December Glamour Magazine and my free nails inc polishes!

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  1. I love this! Such a cool idea!
    So many patterns ❤
    Plus, Jenna! : D

  2. wow! It’s a god idea! it looks perfect ❤

  3. Wow, this is so cool! Just shows you can get nail ideas anywhere 🙂


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