November N.A.I.L – Solar Eclipse

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November N.A.I.L – Solar Eclipse

When my Katy Berry buddy Craftynail posted about the Nail Art Ideas Linkup she’s doing with Brijit’s Digits and Eeeek! Nail Polish! this month I said I’d join in, mainly because I really want to post a Movember manicure! As it happens, I think I’ll be posting a few… I splurged on some decals at the end of October before I started my No Polish buying month and now I want to put moustaches on everything!

There was a solar eclipse earlier this week – I didn’t even know about it until I went to look at what the theme was for this week. There are some gorgeous pictures here. I didn’t realise there were two different types of eclipse – one where the moon covers up the whole of the sun (total), and one where the sun is still peeking around the edges (annular). I’ve gone for a total eclipse, because I love the shiny silver halo!


I’m totally in love with this silver holo polish from Claire’s Accessories. I’m a sucker for a holo anyway but this is total coverage and it’s so sparkly! I used a black nail art pen to outline the moon working it’s way across the sun and filled it in and I was done! Sometimes simple is definitely best.

Join in the N.A.I.L challenge with me! Just one post each week in November. And next week we get to do moustaches!



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  1. I love it! And that border nail at the end is cherry on top.
    I love N.A.I.L. too!

  2. Katy Berry!!!! Haha i love this !

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