Tried This: David Bowie’s Union Flag

Tried This: David Bowie’s Union Flag

Remember last month I posted a whole bunch of David Bowie’s outfits I thought would make fab nail art? Well I’ve been working on them myself and today I’ve got one to show you!

Bowie Union Flag

This was really complex and involved a lot of striping tape. I’m going through a serious striping tape phase at the moment and this was so much fun! Some of you may have caught the picture I tweeted when I was working on these (sorry for somewhat dodgy image quality):

2013-10-28 19.40.45-1

But it all came up good. My white base is from Claire’s Accessories, for a change. My Sinful Colors Snow Me White is getting really clumpy and difficult to apply! The red is Ice Lolly by Tara’s Talons, and the blue is Rimmel Blue Me Away. The black accent nail is Sinful Colors Black On Black.


I’ve never done Union Flag nails before and I really like that once you start breaking it down like this it looks less like a flag and more like a work of art in itself. The colours are so iconic that it’s still unmistakeable. This has inspired me to more abstract with my approach to recreating flags. Most of us probably don’t do flag nails outside of the 31 Day Challenge but at least next year I’ll be a bit different!



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  1. Loving this! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  2. I loved your previous Bowie post and this mani is glorious!
    I love the snap of your mani planning too! : )


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