November N.A.I.L – Movember Moustaches #2

November N.A.I.L – Movember Moustaches #2

I did say today would be drastically different from yesterday, didn’t I?


I love this manicure, I really do. It’s so exciting and vibrant and yay I managed to use a load of my Roo Beauty glitters and caviars in something!

Last week I finally joined Instagram and as Danielle was my first follower I said I’d do a manicure in her honour. She asked for bright colours or moustaches and here I’ve managed to combine both!



The moustache I’m holding is an earring. I went a bit nuts and ordered a whole bunch of moustache themed jewellery from Amazon – prices ranged from £0.24 to £0.78 and I couldn’t help myself. Something that cheap just has to be worth it. :p

My colours for this one (from red to purple) are:
Tara’s Talons Ice Lolly
Nails Inc Mornington Crescent
Collection 2000 Sherbet lemons
From a collection by Primark
Models Own Amethyst

The glitters and caviar are all, as mentioned, from Roo Beauty, except for the silver, which was a free gift with something I bought from Beauties Factory. The googly eyes are from Hobbycraft and I drew the moustaches this time with my trusty Primark nail art pen.

Those men out there with crazy Movember Moustaches, I salute you!



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  1. Can I nominate you for the nail genius of the year award somewhere? I am in awe!

  2. Haha, I love this, ESPECIALLY the caviar hair : D

  3. Omg the yellow one is my fave!

  4. Totally loved this fun nail art.


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