November Gig Nails by Polishious Nails

November Gig Nails by Polishious Nails

I won a set of firework nails from the fabulous Polishious Nails on Twitter last month and instantly earmarked them for my band’s next gig (which happened at The Black Horse in Sidmouth on Saturday 16th November). I love my slightly gothic and glamourous stage alter ego and these were just perfect.


During the day I went to the South West Bloggers Meet organised by Liza Prideaux and Kerry Dyer and I couldn’t decide whether or not to paint my nails for that and then apply falsies later. As it turned out, I didn’t have a lot of time so I wore these for the meet anyway and got lots of positive comments!

These nails are fabulous – they’re essentially a black base with several different colours of glitter layered over the top. They’re so sparkly and shiny! I was mesmerised every time I looked at my hands. I cut them a little bit just to make the length practical but that didn’t diminish their effect in the slightest!

I didn’t manage to get a picture of me at my gig this month but you can check out what I wore in this awesome picture of all of us lovely ladies at the meet on Saturday. (I’m right in the middle at the front! In the stripey top and navy blue dress.) Credit for the photo goes to Kerry Dyer.


Saturday was such a great day!

You should definitely check out Polishious Nails and buy some of her gorgeous nails!




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  1. This is AWESOME. So sparrrkly.

  2. These look amazing, perfect for a night out




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