November N.A.I.L – Animals & Pets #2

November N.A.I.L – Animals & Pets #2

It has been altogether too long since we last saw a sock monkey on my blog. Today I designed some special nails for my monkey Alice.


Alice is dedicated to my good friend Stella, who I don’t see nearly often enough. Alice is one of my three special sock monkeys – I introduced you to Ella and Kevin when I did my stripey nails back in the 31 Day Challenge!

These were another wonderfully simple design. The base is a light blue from a Primark boxset. I added the white spots using a dotting tool and a Claire’s Accessories white polish. When that was all dry, I taped off the tips and painted them with a mixture of George Jester and white polish. I’m also particularly proud of my photography today – I keep showing people the top picture because I love it so much!

Do we think these nails qualify for the Nail Art Ideas Linkup? Spurious, perhaps, but I couldn’t help myself!





5 responses »

  1. I love that sock monkey pic!

  2. These are such cute nails let alone the sock monkey!

  3. So adorable : D
    And these pics are gorgeous!!!


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