Sunday Stash: October Purchases

Sunday Stash: October Purchases

I know a lot of bloggers post an archive of their stash, for interest or insurance or whatever reason. I don’t find lists all that helpful, because certain brands such as Nails Inc don’t really name their polishes anything helpful when it comes to working out what the colour is. So I figure I’d record my stash by taking pictures of my polishes and posting them in dribs and drabs and filing them under the tag “stash” so that you can just look through and see stuff. I also want to link to the posts that I’ve used polishes in so that I know I’m using them! Multi-purpose posting! (Please note this post will remain a work in progress.)

This post features most of the polishes I bought in October: Nelly Polish samples, a Primark boxset, Claire’s Accessories polishes and a Nails Inc lucky dip.


Indie polishes! I love indie polishes. I find the cost a bit prohibitive (this is not a criticism – I know you’re paying for quality so I really don’t mind the price, I just don’t always have the funds available to shell out that bit extra) but I’m an expert bargain hunter and when Nelly Polish offered 4 samples for £6 I was SO there. I’m not sure of the names of these polishes but I’ve swatched all four for a later post and I’m just working out what nail art to try with them that will show them off.


This was a boxset from Primark that cost me £2. I hadn’t tried Primark polishes but was sucked in by these pretty colours.

From left to right:
Bright Blue
Teal – Bright Movember Manicure
Blue Glitter
White Blue – my sock monkey manicure!


Wow, but this was a good deal. Claire’s Accessories were selling off their old polishes at 5 bottles for £1. I bought 10, three of which I’m saving for my Secret Santa buddy. Unfortunately these polishes also don’t have names but I refer to them by colour! I’ve used these loads already – I really like the basecoat and ridge filler (the very right hand polish) although it’s worth noting it’s very opaque and you don’t really want to use it under a light coloured polish.

From left to right, these are the posts I’ve used this polishes in:
Brown – Neutral Movember Manicure
White – base of David Bowie Union Flag nails
Peach – base of (unposted) Absinthe Flowers nails
Silver Holo Glitter – base of my Solar Eclipse post

DSC_2254_editThis was my big purchase for October – Nails Inc Lucky Dip – £18 for 7 polishes. Considering Nails Inc retail for £11 each typically, this is SUCH a bargain and I just could not resist. Nails Inc do regular offers – there was one in the week with boxsets of 5 polishes for £20 – but I missed that one, because I’m not buying any polish this November and I’m being a really good girl.

Pearly White – Mayfair – Neutral Movember Manciure
Pearly Gold – Mortimer Street – Neutral Movember Manciure
Navy Glitter –
Pearly Deep Brown –
Deep Orange – Mornington Crescent – Flip I like this polish! It’s in this Bright Movember Manicure
Blue Beaded Polish – – this is a really interesting polish. It’s very thick and is supposed to mimic a caviar manicure without any of the faffing about with fiddly glitters. I don’t think it’ll be very good for nail art and it’s a bit much for a whole manicure – accent nail, perhaps? I really, really like this polish but I’m just not sure what to do with it.
Pearly Purple – Pembridge Crescent – I’ve used this in a few unposted manicures as yet. It’s beautiful.

That’s not actually all of the polishes I bought in October – I have a few others that I bought individually. I will keep those for another post and group them with other things, I expect.

Are you interested in stash posts? Did you even get this far? How do you categorise your stash? And are you interested in other stuff like how I store it?

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  1. I loooove bottle porn like this : D


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