My 10 Favourite Polishes

My 10 Favourite Polishes

I missed this over the weekend! The British Nail Bloggers are doing a collaborative event – we’re all posting about our favourite polishes. Like many other bloggers, my favourite polishes change regularly but as of right now, these are the polishes I can’t get enough of:


I suppose Seche Vite should be the top of this list. When I think of the countless hours I spent waiting for polish to dry before I discovered this, I wonder how I ever managed anything. This is glossy and doesn’t smudge nail art and means I can paint my nails when I’m drinking my tea in the morning and be ready to shower without so much as a smudge within 20 minutes. Since I discovered it at the end of September I’ve already got through a full bottle.

Nails Inc Pembridge Crescent – I haven’t posted anything with this colour yet but when I just want to create something simple I seem to keep gravitating towards it – I’ve got two designs waiting to post at the moment. In fact, you’ll see it tomorrow!

Claire’s Accessories Silver HoloSolar Eclipse. Nuff said.


Models Own Absinthe – it was so difficult to pick a favourite from all five of the Velvet Goth collection. I couldn’t help but buy ALL of them. I haven’t made nearly enough use of any of them yet but Absinthe has just got the lead for now. This morning’s Manicure Monday features this polish.

Models Own Strawberry Tart – again, it was very difficult to pick from the Fruit Pastel collection. I rarely use just one of these colours, most often I’m using two or more of them together. They create gorgeous gradients. The search function tells me I’ve got 7 posts featuring this colour. Considering I’ve only been posting three months, that’s quite good going.


Tara’s Talons Ice-Lolly – a very recent addition, but as I’ve mentioned before, already my go-to red. Indies for the win!

No 7 In The Stars – I spent ages looking for a pearly, glittery top coat. I got this one half price with a voucher and I’m already halfway down the bottle. It’s great for galaxies and accents!


George Cloudless Sky – I’ve loved this ever since I bought it in the summer – it’s a gorgeous, uplifiting blue. I also like mixing it with white to play about with other shades of blue.

Sinful Colors Snow Me White – this gets a special mention, even though it’s in my bad books a bit at the moment for going all gloopy and nigh on impossible to apply. I’d never bought white polish before this one, but I think I used it on almost every design during the 31 Day Challenge. I can’t really complain about the gloopiness now – it cost me £1.99 I’m two thirds of the way through it!

Collection 2000 Sherbet Lemons – this falls into the “old faithful” category. I bought it for 99p in a charity shop and whilst it doesn’t look all that fantastic on its own, it’s spectacular for nail art. See here, here and here.

See what the other British Bloggers favourite polishes are by clicking on the link below:

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  1. Any polish thinner will sort your white out – totally worth buying! I got seche restore as it thins my SV too. Dont know how i managed before thinner! Xx

  2. Nice picks! Cloudless Sky would be my favourite out of your favourites.


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