Wishlist Wednesday: Despicable Me 2 Polishes!

Wishlist Wednesday: Despicable Me 2 Polishes!

I LOVE Despicable Me. When I get really stressed out, my partner sits me down in front of the TV and puts it on and I have a smile on my face within minutes. When I get a text message, my phone says “Bello!” like this. The connection between Despicable Me and nail art is obvious – I expect most of you have done minion nails at some point!

This week, Despicable Me 2 came out on DVD and Bluray. I was worried the sequel couldn’t be as good as the original, but the second instalment was just as awesome as the first. So in honour of the momentous occasion of getting to see it again (and again and again and again), I went looking for Despicable Me (themed) polishes. I could find only three, all of them Indies. They are Good Minion and Evil Minion by Polished Colors and It’s So Fluffy, I’m Gonna Die! by Dollish Polish.




I really think these polishes have captured the essence of Despicable Me (1 and 2) and when I can afford the shipping from the US (and obviously when No-Buy November is over) I might just have to treat myself to them!

In the meantime, I leave you with minion nails, which much to my shame I have never done before!




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  1. Oh! Evil minions : D
    I fell in love with them too! BANANA!!

  2. Misschanelli.com

    Haha these are amazing! x


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