Sunday Stash: More October Purchases

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Sunday Stash: More October Purchases

There’s a reason why November needed to be a No-Buy month. I approximated I bought 32 polishes in October, and I don’t even want to think about how much money that came to. But I did get some tremendous bargains, as I mentioned last week. Here are a few more!



I had intended to not buy any polish last month, but within the first week I found myself in Next asking about their polishes, because POW Nails said she’d found a few good ones. Next don’t do polish all year round, just when it gets close to Christmas. So I totally recommend getting your mitts on these now! I picked up Pink Fizz, Disco Nights, Black Widow and Claret Couture. They’re all matt polishes and they’re all gorgeous.



The two colours are leather effect and they have a lovely textured finish to them. As there aren’t many leather effect polishes knocking about and they can get quite expensive, but these are £2 each and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I’ve used this loads since I got them. You can find them in my October Gig nails, my Grungy Chic nails and last weeks Monkey nails.

My other purchase last month is a very special one – they are my first Indie polishes.



As I’ve said, Indies can be a little bit pricey (even though they’re worth it) – Tara’s Talons polishes average about £6 for a full size but I got these for just £10 for 4. Absolute BARGAIN. This is a lucky dip mix, and I was sent Ice-Lolly, Champagne, Community and Reef. These are all beautiful polishes.

Monkey Nails Img 2

Ice-Lolly is a wonderful one-coat deep red and Champagne is a two coat gold with little textured flecks in it. Community is a 2-3 coat purple with different shades of glitter in it, and Reef is a particularly special jelly with little flecks that look like seaweed! Ice-Lolly already features in four posts – just follow the tag Tara’s Talons or Indie in order to see them. Reef featured in a guest post I wrote for Racho’s Love Nails. I’m doing pretty well at getting through these!


What Indies are dear to your heart and how much did you pay for them?


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