Try This: Christmas Ideas

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Try This: Christmas Ideas

So I’ve noticed that people seem to be struggling a little bit with ideas for Christmas themed nails. With so many challenges and a couple of competitions around I’m determined to come up with some awesome original ideas!

If you want to make up your own designs, the classic Christmas colours are red, green and white. You can also play with shades of icy blue and add silver and gold for a sparkle! Almost anything can be instantly turned into a Christmas theme by adding snowflakes or a santa hat!

For accent nails try adding in the classic nail art techniques – glitter, stripes or spots (in Christmas colours, obvs).

However, my favourite place to look for Christmas inspiration at the moment is wrapping paper. Here is a selection of images that I found from a few simple Google searches and the Paperchase website (my absolute favourite wrapping paper!)

If you try any of these leave me a comment so I can see!

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  1. Oh yay the cute grumpy bear people… ; )

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