Sunday Stash: Magazines Polishes

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Sunday Stash: Magazines Polishes

November was a No-Polish Buying Month. Somehow I still came out of the month with over 10 new polishes. This is largely because of polishes from magazines.

The first polish I ever got from a magazine was Nails Inc Motcomb Street with Glamour Magazine. I bought it because it looked like black. Turns out it’s a very deep navy blue, which was kind of annoying at the time. It took me a while to warm to the colour. But now I don’t mind it.


In fact, I’m pretty sure the first time I ever used it was during the 31 Day Challenge in September, despite the fact it had been in my collection since last Christmas!

Day 11 both

The red polish I got with Cosmopolitan magazine in November. It’s called Star Spangled and it’s gorgeous but I hadn’t used it until I was thinking about this post! I used it for my gig nails last night – I’ll post later this week.


Like many others, I couldn’t resist getting all four special Nails Inc Polishes from the December issue of Glamour (which was out in November, eh?) They’re special one offs designed by Kate Spade. This is like a capsule nail collection all in one! You can do so much with gold, red, black and silver! I’m using these here and there – the colours themselves aren’t really all that special, I think. I was just sucked in by £2 for a magazine and a polish… Although I am now stuck with four magazines all the same.

Do you ever do that? Buy multiple copies of a magazine for the “free” thing and then wonder why you did it?

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  1. Haha, I thought of buying 4 Glamour and 4 Cosmo mags just to get my hands on all the Orly and nails inc polishes. Lucky for me the local shops had already run out of the ‘pretty’ shades. 😀

    • I decided against getting all of the Cosmo polishes – they were pretty, but at £3.60 they weren’t much less than Orly at full price. At least the Glamour polishes were a bargain!

      • You’re right about everything.
        In the end I bought one Cosmo (with the Orly gold glitter polish) and one Glamour (black Kate Spade polish) – I haven’t bought glossy mags in ages, so I thought – why not? At least you’re getting a small polish pressie on top. 🙂

      • I like a glossy magazine – they’re really good for picking up manicure ideas. (And that is tragically, the main reason why I buy them. *facepalm*)

  2. I bought just the one for the Nails Inc Silver, but its a good way of getting some nice colours if you are missing them


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