Wishlist Wednesday: Essie Encrusted Treasure Collection

Wishlist Wednesday: Essie Encrusted Treasure Collection

Whilst searching Nail Polish Direct for W7 polishes on December 1st, I discovered the Essie Encrusted Treasure Collection. Oh the sparkle! Oh the pretty! I looked at them and decided that at £7.99 each, they were lovely but out of my reach. I bought my W7 polishes and thought about them no more.


Then Cutepolish posted her EPIC Christmas giveaway which includes this entire set, and now I seem to come across them everywhere. Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is this collection!

The collection features six shades, all with slightly different textures:

Belugaria – holographic jet black lace
Hors D’Oeuvres – platinum gold with iridescent silver glitter
Ignite the Night – sparkling hematite with a superfine matte finish
Lot of Lux – shimmering lapis lazuli with a superfine matte finish
On A Silver Platter – pearlescent gold with holographic violet glitter
Peak of Chic – alpine white holographic rainbow fringe

I went looking for some swatches, and boy are these polishes different from the usual textures you see around! Click on each image to be taken to the blogger post I sourced it from. (Credit where credit is due.)

Essie Lots of Lux 2

Lots of Lux, swatched by The Polishaholic


Belugaria, swatched by Nailderella


Peak of Chic, swatched by Fab Fatale


Hors D’Oeuvres, swatched by Ommorphia Beauty Bar


On A Silver Platter, swatched by Liner and Glitter and Gloss, Oh My!


Ignite the Night, swatched by Magnifique Nails

As for nail art… I couldn’t find any nail art, just swatches. I think these are definitely statement/accent nails! I’d love to give it a go though. I think Lots of Lux might be a fun base for stamping on.

If I could only choose one polish from this collection, it would be Belugaria. I know that these kind of “all-in-one” caviar polishes are polarising – you either love them or you hate them – but I own Chancery Lane by Nails Inc and I really like it! Yes, they’re very difficult to apply, but once you get it right, the texture is fabulous.

If you’re quick, Fab Fatale are also giving away this collection. Competitions ends December 17th. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

What do you think of this collection? Do you pay £7.99 for polish? (Am I a cheapskate for only buying these kinds of things when they’re massively reduced?)


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  1. Woooow! Are so awsome! I like it


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