Tried This: David Bowie Labyrinth Nails

Tried This: David Bowie Labyrinth Nails

Of all the David Bowie pictures that I posted, the idea which intrigued me the most was how to recreate the ruffled cravat from Labyrinth. I thought long and hard about it, and then I came up with this.


I’ve got some seriously abstract nail art going on here. Most of the manicure is pure and simple Models Own Obsidian. I didn’t want the accent nail to drown. To create this perhaps odd effect I scrunched up some ribbon to get that nice ruffly effect, then carefully stitched it together with needle and thread. I glued it the nail (painted white) with ordinary nail glue, and dabbed a few spots of glue between each ruffle to stop it from moving. La voilà. What do you think? Is this exciting and new, or just a bit weird?

david-bowie-inspired-labyrinth-nails-models-own-velvet-goth-obsidian-1 (2)


The other manicure today is perhaps a bit more conventional. It’s the Kanji characters from the Ziggy Stardust costume by Kansai Yamamoto.


The writing translates as “one who spits out words in a fiery manner” and phonetically reads “David Bowie.” (Source.) This to me is SO cool. I know that Chinese characters can change meaning dramatically if you get so much as half a line out of place so I tried my best to get them accurate!



My colours for the design are Claire’s Accessories White, Sinful Colors Black on Black and Exotic Green, and Tara’s Talons Ice-Lolly. The studs are from Roo Beauty and I painted the characters on myself with a fine paintbrush.

Check out my other David Bowie designs by following the David Bowie tag. Do you have a favourite yet?

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  1. Love these, they are awesome!

  2. I was listening to Bowie last night 🙂 I have this weird habit of typing in funny search terms into my itunes and listening to whatever songs it plays. since we were playing Wii BOWLING I typed in the word BOW and whaddya know? muchos david bowie songs! 🙂


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