Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery: Chelsea Queen

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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery: Chelsea Queen

It has been much too long since I posted last. Happy New Year!

To make up for my absence, here are TWO manicures! These are both recreations of Chelsea Queen designs I found on Pinterest. The observant among you may have noticed I posted this first one for Grazia’s Manicure Monday earlier this week. I love both of these designs for their big impact even though they’re pretty simple!


When I first saw this design I knew I wanted to have a go at it. I like finding new ways to use striping tape. I went for slightly more muted tones than Chelsea Queen did, as I’d recently got a whole load of brown polishes and wanted some way of including them all.

Polishes used:
Claire’s Accessories Brown
Nails Inc (Can’t remember, will get back to you on that one)
Nails Inc Pembridge Crescent
Studs from Roo Beauty

Simple, really! Although it took ages for the polish to dry between each layer – I was determined not to smudge anything!




Secondly, there’s this little number.


I like how this pattern sort of matches but sort of doesn’t. It’s all very complimentary. Another three polish wonder – Barry M Lychee, Tara’s Talons Strength and a black Primark Nail Art pen. I couldn’t help mattifying this design with Bourjois matte top coat but unfortunately that made some of the lines run. Should have coated with Seche Vite first.

I definitely recommend you check out more of Chelsea Queen’s designs. They are truly beautiful and she’s SO good at detail! Here are a few that I really like but don’t know if I’d be able to do justice to if I tried them myself! The links to the original posts are also below:

Watercolor Leopard


I hope I can try recreating some more awesome bloggers designs this year – any suggestions as to what to have a go at? Have you ever tried any designs by Chelsea Queen?

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  1. Jeezo, her designs are crazy pretty aren’t they! Yours are great too, I like how you took inspiration and then made them your own though. It’s sometimes way too easy just to straight out copy.

  2. Nicely done! I find a lot of inspiration from Chelsea Queen (Queen, King? I always get confused about that…)

  3. great post! I’ve just posted a post on a review of a few of the textured barry m polishes. Take a look 🙂 x

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