My New Favourite Blue

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My New Favourite Blue

Just before Christmas I became the proud owner of my very first Essie polish. The amazing Racho’s Nail Love posted this manicure featuring Butler Please and I was in love. She paid just £1.99 for it and I asked if she could find me one. She didn’t find one, but offered to send me hers as swap for the silver Glamour polish I picked up for her. So generous! Wow, wow, wow. This is the most perfect blue EVER.


It has a lovely semi-matt finish that I didn’t want to spoil by adding top coat. I wanted to wear this polish so much that it went straight on my nails. I didn’t have a lot of time so I tried this design that I’ve seen all over the place. It’s really simple – two quick strokes of Essie Sweet Talker (which was a bonus present from Racho’s Nail Love!) and then after that, two strokes of Nails Inc Sloane Gardens. I need to do lots more manicures with this colour. It is amazing. 😀




What are your perfect colours?

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  1. great post! I’ve just posted a post on a review on some great sparkly nailpolishes! take a look x

  2. It is a gorgeous blue! love the nail art 🙂

  3. This mani looks super! Can I just also say…I love your bog name!


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