Fancy Schmancy Butterflies

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Fancy Schmancy Butterflies

This design is entered in Grazia’s Manicure Monday Competition this week – please vote for me here!

Sometimes you’ve just got to do something fancy.


One of my favourite designs from the 31 Day Challenge was my butterflies. This was an awesome excuse to do some more. I also tried another technique I’ve not done before – saran wrap. Once I found out that saran wrap is called cling film in the UK I was well in there! I started with a coat of Rimmel Pop Your Pink, and then mixed in/cling-filmed on Nails Inc Soho Silver and Uptown Glamour to get this kind of spangly pink affair. After that had dried I painted on the butterflies with black and white Primark nail art pens. I hadn’t originally intended to add loads of gems but I saw this design by Glowstars and then I just went crazy! These gems came with the Primark pens.

Everything is better with gems.





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  1. This is so pretty! I’ve been meaning to do a design like this but I can already see myself botching it badly.

  2. Divine aweseomeness! It’s obvious why it’s a mani favourite of yours. 🙂


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