Swatched: Tara’s Talons Treasure Trove

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Swatched: Tara’s Talons Treasure Trove

Way back in October last year, I subscribed to Tara’s Talons Treasure Trove, a £20 subscription box of Tara’s Talons polishes and other goodies. These beauties have been sat in my pile waiting to be swatched since they arrived in November. I get the box every two months and I’ve got this months box now waiting to be swatched as well! Hopefully it won’t be another two months before I get around to those though…

I love surprise polish boxes – you never know quite what you’re going to get….

Talon Treasure Trove


This particular box came with three full size polishes, one mini polish and a nail art pen, along with some glitter, a gorgeous smelling mini pot of hand cream and some sweets – yum!

You’ve probably already seen Strength – I posted a manicure featuring it earlier in the week. In the bottle, this is a gorgeous teal colour with green, blue and pink hexagons of glitter and smaller feathery strands of blue glitter. Unfortunately, when it applies the colour is so strong that you can’t really see the glitter at all! I like the effect I ended up with, but I had higher hopes.


November being just after Halloween, there were two spooky themed polishes – Nightmares and Vampires Bats.


Nightmares is a fabulous greyish polish with flecks of blue and green and smaller glitters in it (you can just see the red reflecting at the top of the picture). There’s something quite eery about this polish – it really does make me think of nightmares, somehow – and I’m looking forward to thinking of ways to accent this – perhaps with a black city scene. I know Halloween was in October. There’s no rule against spooky manicures outside then, is there? 😉

Vampires bats, on the other hand, is a clear topper with mostly purple glitter in, but also some black and other colours. I’ve tried it here over Silver, Gold, Black and White but I think it’d be fun to try it over yellow perhaps – it’d make a great Evil Minion polish!




This final polish I’m entirely undecided about. On the one hand, it’s awesome. On the other hand, it’s very, very odd. There’s something about this polish that puts me in mind of cigarette ash. Perhaps it the name – #nofilter – or possibly it’s the colour and shape of the off-green glitter. The pearly off-white suspension is much too sheer on the first couple of coats – this was 4 or 5. I think it might be interesting to put it over the top of another colour. What do you think? I like this polish, I do – I’m just not sure how or when to wear it.




Most of these polishes aren’t available anymore, apart from #nofilter. Looking through Tara’s shop, Stockholm looks a lot like Vampire Bats. I quite like the limited nature of Tara’s polishes – it means there’s always an interesting and new selection! I own 17 polishes by Tara’s Talons now – that’s coming up to the most I own by any brand! Tara’s Talons Treasure Trove is a great value way to get a load of awesome indie polishes at a very reasonable price, and is also one of very few polish only subscription boxes available in the UK. I can definitely recommend it!

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  1. I love the teal color…too bad that the base covers up the glitter, though.

  2. I love Nightmares. The Polish. But they’re all stunning!


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