January Gig Nails

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January Gig Nails

This month has flown by. My one and only gig this month was at the Coach House in Paignton on January 4th. It seems only yesterday but was weeks ago now! Here are my nails:


I’ve got major love for the latest Tara’s Talons polish to fall into my collection – Happily Ever After. It’s bright pink and unashamed and despite my general dislike of pink I can’t get enough of it!


My other polish obsession at the moment is Seventeen Graffiti Effects in Monochrome. This effect is ah-maze-ing. Expect to see lots more of this! It makes a fabulous accent and totally changes the feel of whatever you put it over.


The matt black nails are Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Espresso. My sister got me all five of the Classic Matte Collection for Christmas after seeing my Wishlist Wednesday post all those months ago. I knew there’s a reason I do those! 😉

I didn’t want to spoil the matt effect with top coat so I just added a few white stripes with a Primark nail art pen and some studs from Roo Beauty. Simple, yet dramatic.



I don’t have any gigs now until the end of March – and then I’ve got about four in a row. I’m already planning my outfits! However, between now and then we’re having a band photo shoot because our promo photos are SO old. So I expect there’ll be new nails for that too. Any excuse!

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  1. So rocking!
    And I love the scatter effect!!


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