Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 7: Primary

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Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 7: Primary

I confess, I had to look this one up. It’s so long since I had to remember the difference between Primary, Secondary and whatever other colours that I wasn’t sure whether Primary was *just* red, blue and yellow, or whether or not green etc counted. They don’t, by the way. Primary colours are Red, Yellow and Blue.

Having catalogued my collection, I noticed that I often stick to the same set of colours most of the time. As part of this challenge I intend to use as many polishes as I can. Today I got in two untrieds. Yay!

Feb_NAGG_00027This yellow glitter polish from Claire’s Accessories is really odd. This is about 5 coats- it’s really sheer at first, and then it starts to build up a lovely colour. If I’d thought about it, I’d have started with a white undercoat. Hindsight. I was pleased to find a use for a crackle polish for a change – this is Red Shatter by OPI and I picked it up for £1 several months ago along with about 6 other crackle polishes that are woefully underused.



You might notice that the red has bled a little. Rather than using striping tape to mark off my blocks I used scotch tape. And when I tried to remove it, it broke. I’m really confused about this. It just split off and refused to budge. Has anyone else had this issue before?

The blue is Butler Please by Essie, which is my current favourite blue-of-all-time-ever. The little bow came with all my nail art supplies from Roo Beauty last year. I like this accent – it’s quite ostentatious, even for me!



Check out the other Primary manicures posted today!

Tomorrow’s prompt is Still Life. Week 2 promises lots more interesting challenges!


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  1. Wow these are fab! Love the colours x


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