Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 8: Still Life

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Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 8: Still Life

I don’t know about you, but Still Life conjures up images of fruit, and er… that’s about it. So I was grateful when someone suggested I check out the Wikipedia article for Still Life, and that’s where I found out it actually covers loads of things that don’t move.

NAGG-Day-8-still-life-nails-inc-purple-floral (2)

This didn’t come out as nicely as I’d have liked, but I tried, really I did! (Please excuse my scabby cuticle, I had an infection and there wasn’t much I could do to make my finger look prettier.) I loved the blotchy colours in this painting – it’s Lilacs in a Window by Mary Cassatt, painted in 1880. I found it on the Wikipedia page for Still Life.

NAGG-Day-8-still-life-nails-inc-purple-floral (1)

In order to reduce some of the work required to paint this design, I decided to go for accent nails. I think this worked really well! I couldn’t resist adding these pastel pink studs from Born Pretty Store which have just arrived – I want to add them to everything!

These are my colours for today’s design, just ask if you’d like a particular colour pointed out – many of these are purples:
Nails Inc Pembridge Crescent
Tara’s Talons Happily Ever After
Models Own Pukka Purple
Models Own Grape Juice
W7 Metallic Mars
Tara’s Talons Community
Temple Spa Amalfi
Claire’s Accessories Brown
Claire’s Accessories Camo Green

My pinkie nail in particular is Tara’s Talons Community. I can’t get enough of this polish, seriously. It’s so beautiful and goes so wonderfully with Nails Inc Pembridge Crescent, which is the other two plain nails. My top coat is Color Club Clear.

So some serious artistic license with this design, but it didn’t come out too bad, right?

NAGG-Day-8-still-life-nails-inc-purple-floral (3)


Check out the other Still Life manicures posted today!

Tomorrow’s prompt is Inner Geek. You’re gonna like this one!


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