Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 9: Inner Geek

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Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 9: Inner Geek

My Inner Geek has been watching a lot of Breaking Bad – my partner and I finally finished it in a big marathon a few weeks ago. And I’ve been thinking for ages that the beautiful clouds that waft across the credits would make a great manicure. So for this prompt I gave it a go – how do you think I did?

NAGG-Day-9-inner-geek-breaking-bad-claires-accessories-nails-nail-art (4)

I’ll confess there were a few attempts at this. I tried to a do a needle drag but it didn’t really come out very well. Eventually I settled for painting on very light swirls and then using a Claire’s Accessories yellow glitter polish to add some more mist around the swirls.

NAGG-Day-9-inner-geek-breaking-bad-claires-accessories-nails-nail-art (3)

I’m pleased with my ingenuity on the two boxes – these are homemade decals. I painted a thick layer of green, then added the outer boxes and the words with white polish, and when it was all dry and cut the size and shape of box out so that I got really good crisp lines. All in all, I LOVE this manicure! I know that Breaking Bad designs are not exactly new, but I feel I stamped my own creativity on this one.

NAGG-Day-9-inner-geek-breaking-bad-claires-accessories-nails-nail-art (5)

The polishes I used in this design are:
Claire’s Accessories Camo Green
Collection 2000 Sherbet Lemons
Claire’s Accessories White
Claire’s Accessories Yellow Glitter
Sinful Colors Exotic Green

Didn’t my Inner Geek do well? 😀

NAGG-Day-9-inner-geek-breaking-bad-claires-accessories-nails-nail-art (1)

Check out the other Inner Geek designs here:

Tomorrow’s prompt is Night Sky. Galaxy nails at the ready?


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