Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 11: Wallpaper

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 11: Wallpaper

Time for stamping! It’s an age since I did any stamping. I tried my best with my Bundle Monster stamps on the Jewel Tones prompt, but it’s not… well, it’s not this. This is Stamping. With a capital S.

NAGG-2014-day-11-wallpaper-retro-stamp-moyou-barry-m-lychee-stamping-nail-polish-nails (3)

In a whirlwind week last month I won two giveaways, and one of them was a MoYou plate. Every time I have loved a stamp for several months it has turned out to be MoYou London, so I was *very* excited. I was allowed to choose anything from the Tourist collection, and I went for Plate 7, mostly because I loved the full nail prints. Given my poor experience of such delicate designs on stamps it was a bit of a limb for me, but I’m so glad I did it. These came out gorgeous.

NAGG-2014-day-11-wallpaper-retro-stamp-moyou-barry-m-lychee-stamping-nail-polish-nails (5)So, onto the wallpaper connection.

I’ve seen this stamp used to good effect in Sherlock manicures, so I was keen to have a go. But the Sherlock thing has been done, so I went looking for a different image. Then I found this Pin, and that was that.


I loved the very dark moulding around the top of the room, so I added that detail in, but forgot that when I photographed my nails it would turn out upside down. Oops. I even tried the basket of flowers. Ahem. We won’t talk about that!

NAGG-2014-day-11-wallpaper-retro-stamp-moyou-barry-m-lychee-stamping-nail-polish-nails (1)

This was also my first time stamping with Barry M Lychee, which I bought specifically for this purpose – I’ve heard such great things about it! I was not disappointed. MoYou plates + Barry M Gelly for stamping = WIN.

My polishes for this are three:
Base: E.l.f Misty Haze
Stamp: Barry M Lychee
Rail: Barry M Espresso

My confidence in my stamping ability is restored! Huzzah!

NAGG-2014-day-11-wallpaper-retro-stamp-moyou-barry-m-lychee-stamping-nail-polish-nails (4)

NAGG-2014-day-11-wallpaper-retro-stamp-moyou-barry-m-lychee-stamping-nail-polish-nails (2)

Check out the other designs from today’s Wallpaper prompt!

Tomorrow’s prompt is Camouflage. I’ve got JUST the thing…


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