Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 13: Hearts

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 13: Hearts

I had lots of cool ideas involving hearts, but then I got distracted by the pastel and neon studs that had just arrived from Born Pretty Store and the shiny holographic polish that I’d been trying to find for months and I ended up doing something very simple.

NAGG-2014-Day-13-hearts-holographic-born-pretty-store-pastel-studs-nail-polish-nails (1)

It was surprisingly difficult to get all the little studs in the right place! I also struggled to properly photograph the holo – it doesn’t really shine much! I’m a little bit disappointed with this polish – it’s an unnamed one by Perfect that I got from eBay. I’d seen some really good swatches online but it separates much too easily and chips almost instantly. I’m taking recommendations for a better one, if you’ve got any!

The white polish in this instance is Amalfi by Temple Spa, which I got for Christmas. It’s got a lovely consistency and a really nice bright finish. The studs, as mentioned, are by Born Pretty Store.

NAGG-2014-Day-13-hearts-holographic-born-pretty-store-pastel-studs-nail-polish-nails (3)

NAGG-2014-Day-13-hearts-holographic-born-pretty-store-pastel-studs-nail-polish-nails (2)Check out the other designs from today’s Heart prompt:

Tomorrow’s prompt is Sweets.


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