Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 14: Sweets

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 14: Sweets

Another prompt, another perhaps unoriginal but whole new to me design. I love an excuse to do something new with caviar – follow the tag to see some of my other hair-brained ideas. When I was trying to come up with a sweet-inspired nail art design my first thought was liquorice allsorts! My favourite ones are the jelly ones covered in little beads of sugar. A nail art match made in heaven!

NAGG-2014-Day-14-sweets-nail-polish-nails (2)

I don’t like *all* liquorice allsorts, I have to confess – I’m not a great fan of the liquorice only ones. And I don’t buy allsorts all that often these days – I’m more of a skittles fan, if I were to think about it. But these makes much more interesting nails!

NAGG-2014-Day-14-sweets-nail-polish-nails (5)

NAGG-2014-Day-14-sweets-nail-polish-nails (4)

I couldn’t help but take lots of pictures. I love the colour combinations and brightness in this! My polishes are:
Temple Spa Amalfi
Temple Spa Noir
Collection 2000 Sherbet Lemons
Rimmel Pop Your
Pink Caviar from Roo Beauty

My top coat in this instance is Rimmel 60 Seconds in Clear – just what I pulled to hand first, as were the white and black polishes. I appreciate it’s a bit subtle, but I also mattified the yellow and pink coconut allsorts – those are my second favourite after the jelly ones!

NAGG-2014-Day-14-sweets-nail-polish-nails (1)

NAGG-2014-Day-14-sweets-nail-polish-nails (6)

Check out the other designs based on today’s prompt – Sweets!

Phew! Halfway already! Tomorrow’s prompt is Round & Square.


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  1. So cute! And beautifully painted! 😀

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