Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 16: Doodles

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge Day 16: Doodles

How is it that what should perhaps be the easiest prompt of this whole challenge has somehow turned into one of the most difficult? I thought this would be simple – just pick a base colour and doodle something fun. I took my inspiration from a pair of High School Musical 2 curtains I have sitting around in my sewing pile. At first I tried to use a denim effect polish as the base and doodled with my new Rio art pens but the colour from the denim polish bled and everything when blue and that was that. So I picked a different base: Caramel by Barry M. But it still wasn’t easy. These nail art pens, despite being “professional” and getting really good reviews, do not seem to agree with me at all.

NAGG-2014-Day-16-doodles-rio-nail-art-pens-polish (1)

I bought the nail art pens in a blog sale for a pittance. They were more or less brand new. I hoped they’d have a really fine nib and be easy to control but you have to really squeeze them in order to get anything to come out at all and the bottles aren’t exactly very squeezy!

NAGG-2014-Day-16-doodles-rio-nail-art-pens-polish (4)

NAGG-2014-Day-16-doodles-rio-nail-art-pens-polish (6)

The whole shape of the bottle is unhelpful – they may look great when they’re standing up but when you’re trying to hold them that round bottom is not conducive to getting a good grip on the bottle, or squeezing to get the polish out. The nib looks like it should be fine enough but you get big streaky lines that are not even and I just wanted to sack the whole thing in and start again using a cut down paintbrush!

NAGG-2014-Day-16-doodles-rio-nail-art-pens-polish (5)

NAGG-2014-Day-16-doodles-rio-nail-art-pens-polish (3)

I would have liked to keep the base matt and have the doodles shiny but felt I had no choice but to apply a top coat to try and even out the surface. I’m not very happy with this design at all. Perhaps I am just not used to the pens and need to work them a bit more? I’m very glad I didn’t pay the full price for them! On the plus side, the colours are lovely. I had high hopes for these pens as I’ve heard good things so I feel quite let down. *sigh* Ah well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

NAGG-2014-Day-16-doodles-rio-nail-art-pens-polish (2)

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