Happily Ever Frosted Flowers After

Happily Ever Frosted Flowers After

Today is February 26th and as of this moment I have only the first seven days of the Nail-Art-A-Go-Go challenge posted. This month has rather run away with me. The good news is that a lot of the designs are done, I just haven’t posted them. So I shall be back-posting for the next weeks as well as trying to post new designs so that you don’t all just think I posted for February and then abandoned you all. Clear as mud? Good, let’s see some more nails!

This is one from my folder of to-post from just after Christmas – when No-Buy-November was over I took advantage of Tara’s Talons sale and picked up 4 random polishes. Two that looked just made for each other were Frosted Flowers and Happily Ever After. So I ran with those.

taras-talons-frosted-flowers-stripes-and-spots (2)

See what I mean? Don’t these look gorgeous together?

Frosted Flowers is a white pearly semi-opaque shade with small blue and pink glitter pieces and big pink hexagons. I found I had to do a bit of fishing to get the bigger ones out but it’s worth it! Happily Ever After is a statement bright pink that goes on a like a dream with a gorgeous shiny finish.

taras-talons-frosted-flowers-stripes-and-spots (1)

To add some more contrast to this design I added an accent nail of Claire’s Accessories white with stripes of a blue Color Club glitter from the Take Wing Collection and some more Happily Ever After.

I was so taken in by the shininess of this manicure that I totally forgot to add a top coat. That’s a definite plus about false nails – they’re far less likely to chip.

If you’re interested in the Color Club polish, fear not – there will be lots of posts featuring the Take Wing Collection coming up!

taras-talons-frosted-flowers-stripes-and-spots (4)

taras-talons-frosted-flowers-stripes-and-spots (3)

Stay tuned for lots more Nail-Art-A-Go-Go posts coming up! (Or going back, I suppose.)

Which polishes do you think were made for each other?


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