Fun With Striping Tape and Pearls

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Fun With Striping Tape and Pearls

Wow, are we really half way through March already? I’ve been busy putting together a small business so I haven’t had a lot of time for blogging lately. 😦 However, I’ve still got time for nails. There is always time for nails.

elf-blue-taras-talons-nail-polish-nails-half-pearls (2)

This was my excuse to use some of the polishes I got around Christmas, as well as some half pearls that I got from Tara’s Talons that have been calling out to me for something fun! I started with a base of Skinny Jeans from E.l.f. This is a beautiful, beautiful deep blue colour. I added an accent nail of Polish Responsibly by Tara’s Talons, and some really cool little details here and there too. The matt brown is Mocha from Barry M. These polishes just work so well together! I love the matte and gloss effects together. These half pearls are almost a bit Dalek, don’t you think?


elf-blue-taras-talons-nail-polish-nails-half-pearls (4)

I used striping tape to get the lines really sharp – I do enjoy playing with striping tape! I also really like this thumbnail. That was part striping tape, part freehand.

elf-blue-taras-talons-nail-polish-nails-half-pearls (3)

Have some more pictures. I took lots and lots of pictures of this. 😀

elf-blue-taras-talons-nail-polish-nails-half-pearls (5)

elf-blue-taras-talons-nail-polish-nails-half-pearls (6)

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  1. This is a really cool design, the brown studs/pearls are awesome. 🙂


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