Spring is Sprung!

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Spring is Sprung!

I’ve been trying to keep my polish purchases down lately, but when an email from Nails Inc landed in my inbox about a special offer on spring collection boxsets, I couldn’t help myself. The email listed three special collections of spring colours – 8 full size polishes for £20. I felt instantly head-over-heels for the Heatwave selection.


This box included (from L to R): Sloane Avenue, Bruton Place, Wardour Street, Notting Hill Carnival, Brighton, Marylebone Road, Pembridge Gardens and Seymour Walk. And they just look made for each other. The colours are sublime, and I couldn’t help but put them altogether in some kind of Kitchen Sink Skittle manicure.


I almost want to eat them. They look so edible.

Okay, I’ll stop being weird now.

It’s safe to say, I love all of these colours. The only two I’m not so sure about are the red polish, Seymour Walk, and the dark glitter top coat, Pembridge Gardens (not to be confused with Pembridge Crescent, which is *totally* different. Really, Nails Inc, why must you give your polishes such confusing and unhelpful names?) They’re both lovely, but they don’t fit quite as well with the other colours in this set.

However, the Feather top coat, Brighton, is a perfect match for the teal, yellow and green polishes and has been on my nails since the day they came in the house. I don’t often wear so many colours all in one go but it’s seem a shame to split them up!



In terms of consistency, I found the coral polish, Sloane Avenue, to be very gloopy and thick when I applied it. It has a really nice semi-matt finish to it, which you can’t see because I’ve top-coated this manicure with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength, but it was quite difficult to apply evenly because it doesn’t spread out like regular polish does. All the other polishes were lovely – just what you expect of Nails Inc. I don’t like to pay their full prices – £11 for a polish seems excessive to me – but 8 for £20 is an absolute bargain. I definitely recommend getting yourself on the Nails Inc mailing list so you hear about these offers when they come around. They sell out fast!


It’s so lovely to be thinking about spring, and the prospect of longer days and brighter weather around the corner. What are your go-to spring colours?


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