Bargain Alert: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat at Poundland

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Bargain Alert: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat at Poundland

I find it more or less impossible to walk past a Poundland without popping in. They so often have such awesome stuff in – if you don’t mind being a bit behind the fashion curve then you can pick up some very cool polish for a fraction of the original price. Way back in September when I was a fledgling blogger I picked up 6 OPI Shatter polishes. I’ll admit, they’re not so useful all the time but my latest find is something I’ve wistfully gazed at on multiple occasions on other blogs: Sugar Coat by Sally Hansen. When I found out these were in Poundland, I was right in there, buying up every colour I could get my hands on!

bargain-alert-sugar-coat-sally-hansen-nail-polish-nails-poundland (1)

Since putting together my photos for this post I’ve managed to find another one, which brings my total up to six of these beauties. They come in such lovely colours and are all named after sweets. They do look kind of edible. I said this about polish last week – I’m not sure what my sudden desire to eat polish is about! Perhaps I’m craving sugar. I’ll be right back…

Anyway. I decided to just show off all the colours quickly in this post, but I’m looking forward to having a go at some exciting nail art with these!

bargain-alert-sugar-coat-sally-hansen-nail-polish-nails-poundland (5)The five colours featured here are:
Red: Cherry Drop
Black: Lick-O-Rich
Pastel Yellow: Sweetie
Pastel Green: Sour Apple
White: Sugar Fix

You need two coats to get this up to a good thickness – it goes on quite thin and dries SO quickly! It has a gorgeous matte, bumpy finish which is almost certainly best without top coat. I’ve even tried stamping over these and that works really well. I know there are lots of textured polishes out there but this was one of the first and has got to be the best I’ve got in my collection now. I’m likely to keep trying to pick these up, if I find them – I understand there are still several more colours I don’t have!

bargain-alert-sugar-coat-sally-hansen-nail-polish-nails-poundland (6)

bargain-alert-sugar-coat-sally-hansen-nail-polish-nails-poundland (3)

Other goodies I found in Poundland lately include Sinful Colors, Rimmel Lasting Color and China Glaze Crackle polishes, as well as the usual assortment of Sally Hansen and Revlon polishes that *always* seem to be there. I’ve even seen a few OPI Shatter polishes still about!  Poundland also seem to be stocking their own brand at the moment – called Pretty. I’ve picked up four of these so far to try out because they come in all the varieties I love – graffiti top coat, feather effect,  denim, concrete (another texture)… I even picked up a polish which claims to be thermal colour changing but as you’ll find out later this week, that was a disappointment.

So. Sugar Coat for £1. That’s better than a bargain. That’s criminally cheap. 😀

bargain-alert-sugar-coat-sally-hansen-nail-polish-nails-poundland (4)

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  1. I think red is my favorite of the whole bunch 🙂

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  3. Awwwhr… I saw these in my local poundland I was skeptical in buying them but now I’m regretting not buying it.


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