Thermal. Or Not.

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Thermal. Or Not.

When I discovered a thermal polish at Poundland I was SO excited. I really, really want a thermal polish – along with jelly and glow in the dark polishes they seem to be the preserve of indie brands and are thus (justifiably) expensive. Thermal polish for £1? What a coup! I rifled through the three or so different colours and settled on a beautiful purple colour.


As I mentioned earlier in the week, Pretty is the house nail polish brand at Poundland and they don’t seem to have been around all that long. I realise that a nail polish for £1 is not going to be the most amazing thing on earth, but if Poundland can get this right then they’ve got a seriously good value for money product! Sadly, I feel very let down by this particular polish.

Thermal polish. As in, changes colour with temperature. Well, it doesn’t. I’ve submerged my hands in freezing cold and almost boiling hot water (I don’t recommend that). I’ve tried it with or without top coat to see if that was the difference. I’ve used this polish on my natural nails, and on fake nails. I’ve tried soaking the fake nails in both cold and hot water for half an hour or so.


pretty-poundland-thermal-purple-pink-nail-polish (5)

pretty-poundland-thermal-purple-pink-nail-polish (4)

The colour is supposed to change from purple to pink. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but if there is a colour change happening here it is WAY too subtle for me. I leave it to you though – what do you think?

Secondly, the consistency of this polish is horrible. I’ve used other Pretty polishes and they’ve been lovely, but this is very gummy. That’s the best word I can think to describe it. It gloops and is very difficult to apply evenly, or even thinly. Which is a shame, because this colour is gorgeous, even if it doesn’t change with temperature. And the finish is nice too – semi-matt. Although this being a very cheap polish, you’ll almost certainly want to wear a top coat so that it won’t chip.

pretty-poundland-thermal-purple-pink-nail-polish (3)

pretty-poundland-thermal-purple-pink-nail-polish (6)

So whilst this is a bargain polish, it’s not quite what it says on the tin. When I went back to find the other colours and see if they worked, I couldn’t find them – either they’re off the shelves or they were sold out. What do you think? Have you tried Poundland’s home brand polish? Did the thermal polish work for you?


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  1. What a shame. From everything I’ve read, it seems the thermal effect in a polish can sometimes only last a few months. So, I wonder if perhaps this is an old polish that has lost the thermal effect?

    • Oh, thanks for that tip! Maybe that’s it. I’m baffled that the thermals seem to have totally disappeared now – I can’t find them in store or on the Poundland website now. Something funny, methinks.

  2. Ugh. What a shame. Also, these Poundland polishes really smell TOXIC. Toxic wasteland that is.

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