Grungy Chic Skittlette

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Grungy Chic Skittlette

I’m rounding out the month with another design I’ve worn a couple of times in the last week – I met up with a dear friend of mine lately and wanted to look nice! He didn’t notice my nails, as it happens. That’s not really his thing. But I was pleased that I did them and I really like this design.

Purple-distressed-grunge-gradient-nail-polish-nails-taras-talons-born-pretty-store (2)

I didn’t have a whole lot of time to do this, sadly. I started with a base of Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel in Lavande Esquisse that I picked up in a blog sale a few months ago. I own a lot of purple so this one is underused! I added an accent nail of Tara’s Talons Community – I can’t get enough of this polish at the moment, and I loved the design I did for Still Life in last month’s NAGG challenge and wanted to do something similar. I stuck with the simple stud theme I used then – another excuse to use my Born Pretty Store studs!

This left me with two nails and very little time to do something fancy…


I remembered how easy Chalkboard Nails “Distressed Grunge” design looked, and thought I’d give it a go! My first colour is Revlon Spice It Up. Then I used a couple of my untried pile – Models Own In The Navy (a gift from my Secret Santa) and an unnamed turquoise Astor polish (given to me by my housemate). I added some Nails Inc Wardour Street as the top layer – it looks a lot like the Bourjois base colour though!

This was all topcoated with a clear Color Club polish. Thankfully I had an hour’s drive to let them dry before I stuck them on. The benefits of wearing false nails!

Purple-distressed-grunge-gradient-nail-polish-nails-taras-talons-born-pretty-store (4)

Purple-distressed-grunge-gradient-nail-polish-nails-taras-talons-born-pretty-store (3)

As much as I love the shape of these nails, I’m really struggling with the length. I’ve just ordered some supposedly shorter falsies from ebay. I’m excited to try these out! Do you keep your nails short or let them grow out long? What’s your go-to design when you want something comforting and familiar?

April tomorrow already! See you on the other side…

Purple-distressed-grunge-gradient-nail-polish-nails-taras-talons-born-pretty-store (5)


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