Wishlist Wednesday: Graffiti Nails

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Wishlist Wednesday: Graffiti Nails

Yes, I know it is Thursday. But Wishlist Thursday doesn’t sound nearly as good, does it? And I would have posted yesterday, but other things got in the way…

I have just heard about a really cool looking new polish company! It’s called Grafitti Nails. It’s a UK-based online vendor for now, only just launched. They have some really lovely looking colours and One Nail To Rule Them All has been raving about them lately. I will point out here that all the photos in this post have been nabbed from her website, all credit for these goes to her and you should definitely check out ALL of her posts. She is amazing.

So here they all are – their range of 13 colours, plus base and top coat in their little bottled glory:

bottlescollectionI like the layout of the website – it’s very clean and easy to navigate, and there are sections suggesting which polishes you might like to put together for what – my particular favourite is the Summer Festival collection, made up of Pistachio, Mellow and glitter topper Morning Mist. I also REALLY like Fairy Wing – a soft pink glitter topper. It’s unusual for me to gush about a pink topper but this one is so cute!

There are swatches of 10 of these polishes up so far. You can find them on One Nail To Rule Them All‘s website in two posts – One and Two – with one more post still to come. I will leave you with my absolute favourite of Alice’s posts so far, which is this gorgeous gradient featuring Pistachio and Butterfly Pink. How lush is this?


The polishes retail for £3.99 each and if you buy three then you get free postage. So here is your challenge:

You can only choose 3 shades – which do you go for?

I pick Pistachio, Mellow and Fairy Wing. To start with, at least. If I ever have any money. That’s why it’s a Wish List!


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