Spring Flowers + Julep Contest

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Spring Flowers + Julep Contest

Please vote for this design in Grazia’s Manicure Monday competition this week!

A double post day – I’ve got so many great designs to share with you that if I don’t double post I’ll never get through them all. Be sure to keep reading for news of a Spring Nail Art Competition that might interest you!

Today is another spring inspired design. A few weeks ago, One Nail To Rule Them All posted about a special sale of Ciate at Vente-Privee. I went to have a look and was really chuffed to pick up a nail art set called Bada Bloom. It has dried flowers in it and they look so pretty! I paid £7 for the set and the retail price is £18… that’s a lot of money for a few dried flowers. (And a Ciate polish, admittedly. But I am cheap.)

So in order to save you money, I scoured the internet looking for dried flowers. As it turns out, they’re not difficult to find. I picked up a little wheel of them on eBay for £1.99. That’s a saving of £16.01 if you don’t really want a Ciate polish to go with them, and I promise you they look just as good.

April_040I started with a lovely spring gradient using the Nails Inc polishes I was raving about the other week, Notting Hill Carnival and Marylebone Road. I added the stem details next using Sinful Colors Exotic Green. Then I applied a big blob of clear polish, carefully placed the flower on, and then pressed down until the edges all stuck. They’re not the easiest things to apply but I think they’re totally worth it! I finished it off with another thick coat of clear polish – in this case Color Club. You need a thick polish to ensure the flowers stay down and the finish remains smooth.



In hindsight I’m not sure I really like the stems – these flowers really do stand out all on their own, but I wanted to try something a bit different to Alice’s post last week. I’ve still got lots of flowers left (and my Ciate kit hasn’t arrived yet) so you’re likely to see a lot more yet.



The dried flowers aren’t the only reason I’m still feeling the spring vibes though. Nail polish brand Julep are celebrating spring by holding a nail art contest throughout April. Whilst Julep polishes aren’t available in the UK , the competition is open to everyone, and you don’t need to use Julep polishes to enter! Julep will be featuring some of their favourite designs each week on Twitter, and the overall winner at the end of the month will be featured on their website. Not that we bloggers ever need an excuse to get creative, but why not give it a go?

If these pastel spring colours aren’t really your thing, I found this blog post by Julep with suggestions on how to revamp your nail colour with something a bit different. Be sure to check it out!

When I think of spring I can’t help but think of flowers – I love all the daffodils and crocuses and snowdrops that spring up (no pun intended) all over the place. So my question to you today is:

What gives you a spring in your step at this time of year?



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