The Neverending Pile Challenge: Glitter

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The Neverending Pile Challenge: Glitter

I added a new header – what do you think? I don’t want too much of a redesign on this blog because I like it how it is but it needs a little bit of sprucing up!

Following on from the huge success of Nail-Art-A-Go-Go (for some, at least – I didn’t make it!), Gnarly Gnails and The Glittah Pirates are embarking on a new challenge – The Neverending Pile. This is the challenge I have been waiting for to get through my untrieds. Since I started this blog in September 2013 my collection has increased by probably at least 10 polishes a month and not all of them make it to post. So now they will.

Today I’ve got glitter. Loads of glitter. So much glitter that these two polishes have sat, unloved, in my stash because I’m not quite sure what to do with them.

Glittah-Pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-day-1-glitter-models-own-purple-haze (3)

This marvellous purple glitter polish is Purple Haze by Models Own. It’s from their Glitter Collection and whilst I don’t know for certain, I think it’s pretty vintage now! I picked this up for not a whole lot on a blog sale because I was on a Models Own/Purple rampage at the time. I’ve tried to do nail art with it from time to time, but it just seems a bit much.

Glittah-Pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-day-1-glitter-models-own-purple-haze (4)

The silver glitter, on the other hand, has been in my collection for about as long as I’ve had one. I bought this from All That Jazz in Stockton Heath, this much I remember. This means I was probably between the age of 18 and 23 at the time, so there’s a good chance this polish has been in my collection for nearly 10 years (feel free to correct me on this if that isn’t possible!). It has been used in that time, just not on this blog. It’s called Silver Dazzle, and it’s by W7.

Both of these polishes are full coverage – I don’t have a base coat under either of these, although you do need a topcoat or they have a tendency to shred everything. I used Color Club Clear, which is my go-to thick, glossy top coat when I don’t want to risk Seche Vite and it’s tendency to shrink.

Glittah-Pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-day-1-glitter-models-own-purple-haze (5)

Glittah-Pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-day-1-glitter-models-own-purple-haze (2)My other intention during this challenge is to use as many decals, studs, gems, stickers and other as I possibly can. These studs from Born Pretty Store have been seeing a lot of use lately – I love how small they are and the colours are perfect. I used a random selection here to properly ramp up the Disco Fever.

What untried/underused glitter polishes are sitting in your collection?

Glittah-Pirates-neverending-pile-challenge-day-1-glitter-models-own-purple-haze (1)

Check out the other Glitter manicures in today’s untried pile!

The next theme – on Wednesday 9th – is Pastel. Feel free to join in!


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  2. This is a very pretty mani especially the purple one. Great color combos.


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