Tri-Polish Tuesday: Blue, Yellow & Pink

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Tri-Polish Tuesday: Blue, Yellow & Pink

I’ve been meaning to get around to doing one of these for months! I’m thanking my lucky stars I had a weekend all to myself and I filled it with nail art. It was great!

I’m very pleased with this. The point of Tri-Polish Tuesday is that you have three colours and you’re only allowed to use those, black and white, gold and silver and glitter toppers. The colours for April are Pink, Yellow and Blue. A bit close to primary colours for me and I struggled to think of a design for a while but then I figured I’d just go for a simple gradient. And somehow, three colours have become many!


No really, I promise you that I only used three colours! It took me ages to settle on three – the 2014 rules say that you don’t have to use the same three polishes for the whole month but as I never got to take part in this last year I decided that I’d like to. So I went for Models Own Blue Glint, Nails Inc Notting Hill Carnival (I’ve used this quite a lot lately, haven’t I?) and Rimmel Pop Your Pink. These three go really well together!



I started with a white base, before applying the three colours to a damp sponge and then gently dabbing them on. I added the spots as an after thought because I find it very difficult not to think of a gradient as a base for something these days. I’ve been using lots of extra stick on stuff lately so it was a challenge going for just nail polish in the design…

The real surprise in this design is actually the top coat. I picked up a George clear top coat the last time I was in Asda, just to see what it was like. Given how poorly the MUA clear top coat performs, and that was only £1, I expected it to be grim. I figured it wouldn’t be very shiny, or it would smudge my colours. (The MUA one is TERRIBLE for bleeding colours, even when I apply it over a day after doing the design.) But it’s actually really good! It doesn’t have the same gloopy, thick consistency you’d get from Seche Vite or Color Club but it doesn’t bleed, and it’s got a lovely shiny finish. For £1.75, that is flipping good.


I’m pleased to say you’ll get another Tri-Polish Tuesday from me again next week! I am *very* organised this month.


April Tri-Polish Tuesday Colours

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  1. Lovely! I adore that these three colors can make so many more when sponged together!

    • I know! I’ve tried to do multi-gradients like this before but never managed it. How typical that the time I’m not actually trying to achieve that effect it comes off anyway. *rolls eyes*

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