The Neverending Pile Challenge: A Random Untried

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The Neverending Pile Challenge: A Random Untried

Third prompt of the challenge, and another two indies to tick off my list. Today it is the turn of Tara’s Talons. I own 18 polishes by this lovely lady and yet few ever make it to the blog. This is ALL about to change. If you follow Tara you’ll have seen this design already – I sneakily entered it into her Birthday competition last week. (Which I didn’t win. *sadface*)


All of my TT polishes (with the exception of one, which you’ll see next week) I got as random picks, either in Lucky Dip special offers or through Treasure Trove, which is a subscription box I get every two months. These two polishes arrived separately, but look to me like they’re from the same collection! The orange-red is called Tangerine Glitz, and the blue is Blue-Eyed Boy.



This is three coats of each – the glitter pieces are quite big and this polish seems to want to be a total coverage glitter but doesn’t quite make it with two coats! I’ll have to try these polishes as a top coat on something and see how different they look. These are quite tricky to place but I like the effect anyway.

The studs are from Roo Beauty and the gems are from a Nail Art Rock Chic wheel that I got in my Secret Santa. I got the idea of making flowers with these studs from a picture I saw on Twitter last week – a quick search shows that the design is by Finger Food Nails and you can find it here. Unfortunately my studs/rhinestones are huge and they don’t quite bend properly around the nails… But hey, it’s my mani and I’ll do what I want to? 😉

My top coat is inevitably Color Club – the ideal clear polish for when you’ve got a big bumpy glitter mani and you really want it all to smooth down. :p



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 The next theme on Monday 14th is Frost. Why not join in?


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