The Neverending Pile Challenge: (Jack) Frost

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The Neverending Pile Challenge: (Jack) Frost

I have a small confession to make regarding this post. When I saw the prompt I knew exactly which untried polish I was going for: Models Own Jack Frost. I’ve just never quite worked out what to do with it. I started with a gorgeous gradient involving two untrieds and one polish that has only been used once. I applied my shiny, shiny coat of Jack Frost, took my pictures… and then found out it isn’t untried. I have managed to use it twice, albeit not very prominently. After much deliberation, I decided to post it anyway – after all, this is still a Frost manicure with untrieds in, right? I haven’t totally missed the point?

neverending-challenge-frost-bourjois-models-own-jack-nail-polish (5)

I love this gradient. I’ve been inspired by Nuthin But A Nail Thing to do more gradients of late, and to be more adventurous with them. Hers are always so gorgeous! I think this is a perfect base for the glitter topper. The three polishes in this gradient are all Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel I picked up in a blog sale recently. The 1 second refers to how long it takes to apply, not how long it takes to dry – they have a huge brush that covers a whole nail at a time – without too much mess, if you’re careful! The colours are called Corail Magique, Bleu Water and Lavande Esquisse. I particularly like Corail Magique – it’s got very subtle flecks of glitter in it – I hope to use it again soon.

neverending-challenge-frost-bourjois-models-own-jack-nail-polish (6)

neverending-challenge-frost-bourjois-models-own-jack-nail-polish (3)Models Own Jack Frost is a lovely holo glitter topper that shines all kinds of different colours in that fabulous way that is almost impossible to capture on camera in a lightbox… The main reason I don’t wear it more often is the pieces are so big that it’s quite dominating! But I clearly underestimated how cool it looks over a gradient – I can see several other glitter toppers in my collection getting a whole new lease of life as a result of this discovery.

neverending-challenge-frost-bourjois-models-own-jack-nail-polish (2)

neverending-challenge-frost-bourjois-models-own-jack-nail-polish (1)

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neverending pile challenge

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