The Neverending Pile Challenge: Jelly

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The Neverending Pile Challenge: Jelly

I’m quite partial to Jelly polishes. I really love that squishy, yummy looking finish. That being said, I don’t own very many – it seems they’re generally only made by Indie brands and I can never find them or they’re hideously expensive! So I was pleasantly surprised when this one dropped through my door in a Tara’s Talons Treasure Trove box in January. This is Feeling Festive:


I’m not totally sure what this polish has to do with Feeling Festive. It’s a red jelly with little flecks of glitter, strips of navy bar glitter and hearts in a variety of colours. It’s not very Christmassy – which suits me fine, because it means I can wear it all year round! I started with a white base, then painted three coats to build up to an opaque finish – this is quite sheer so you do need the extra coats to stop it being streaky.

April_089 April_088

As part of my other challenge for this month – to use as many of my nail decorations as I can – I tarted this up with some blue hearts from a little tub by Roo Beauty, and then I added centres to the flowers using black caviar from my Nail Art Rock Chic wheel. It’s finished with a super thick coat of Color Club Clear to stop the beads falling off. This manicure doesn’t really need embellishing though – this polish is totally capable of standing out all by itself. Yum!

April_091 April_087

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The next prompt on Friday 18th April is Indie. Why not join in?

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